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Welcome to the Revelation Bible survey study page.

Class begins Sunday evening, July 27, 2014 at 6:00pm at Mission Blvd. Baptist Church, third building, subassembly room.

  1. The lecture guides are for the Sunday evening class.
  2. The class assignment is to answer the questions on the last slide in the lecture guide. Turn this in to your ministry team leader. Also, there is a collection box hanging on the wall behind the stairwell door in the assembly fourier leading up to the tape booth and Br. Kenny’s office.
  3. The other study guide and Q&A review links are for additional study if you desire to that. They are not required.
  4. The lecture links open a You tube video. This is more informative than the class lecture because I trim down material for class.
  5. At the end of class, you can pick up a copy of the lecture notes. These will not be provided online.

Class status options include:

  1. Class audit, for those who want to come and listen.
  2. Class credit, for those who want to come and turn in assignments to earn a certificate of completion.
  3. ABI credit, for those who want to take the tests and semester exams to earn one ABI credit hour after completing the course in Sunday evening classes or online.

Click here for lecture guides.

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