Expand what you are doing now to win souls for Christ.

Why Publish?

You are preaching, writing, and counseling every week. You have the most important mission in the world.

Life Changing Scriptures will help you amplify and broadcast your message to the world.  You are already communicating the Word of God locally. Now you can sow seed and win souls globally.

Technology gets in the way. It is complicated. LCS simplifies the next step from talking to broadcasting.  Don’t let your important message fall short in the field. Broadcast it as far as possible.

Every preacher is an author. We help you reach the standard to reach the world as it is with God’s message as it is.

In today’s world, even third world countries are on the internet. God’s preachers need to be there to make sure God’s Word is represented.

How many will you reach? More than you are now.

Learn how to reach the millennials and the internet crowd. Paul said he became all things to all men that he might save some.

It is time to learn how to reach the world cultures. LCS can help you.

If you are interested in becoming a published author, let us know below!

Interested in publishing your first book?

“Life Changing Scriptures can help you prepare and launch your book to bigger audiences!”
Dr. Patrick Briney
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