Numbers in the Bible

Numbers in the Bible

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A good way for some to remember Bible facts and stories is to note how some numbers repeat themselves throughout the Bible.

In many cases, the narrative in the Bible defines the meaning of numbers. In other cases, numbers are regularly associated with meaning. In all cases, it is important to remember that numbers do not determine doctrine. Rather, doctrine determines the truth illustrated by numbers.

The following number facts in the Bible are a lot of fun to know about, useful to illustrate insight into passages, and helpful to memorizing details in the Bible.

Did you know that Revelation is the twenty-seventh book in the New Testament? Daniel is the twenty-seventh book in the Old Testament. Revelation and Daniel deal with eschatology. And there are 27 bones in the human hand. The number 27 may not give profound insight into why the hand of man and eschatology have the same number associated with them, but will you ever think of the the number 27 the same way again?


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